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Sonal Jhaveri is a talented and established Bharatanatyam artist who can perform Bollywood movie dances in equal charm. She is also a well versed choreographer and a dance conductor, with the ability of adapting dance forms enjoyable to the audience to which it is presented. 


Sonal has been dancing on stage for the past 15 years, but truly started dancing when she was 14 years old in family events.  Influenced by the great Bollywood dancers Sridevi, Madhuri Dikshit and other Bollywood stars of the 80s and 90s, Sonal started mimicking their moves and perfected dance sequences from their films. Dancing became a part of Sonal’s daily life, her mantra.


Though Sonal always had a passion for dance, she knew something was missing and she had to do something more to be a complete dancer. Although she had been dancing various forms of dances such as Fusion, Folk and Movie dances, it was later that she discovered one of the most ancient dance forms called Bharatanatyam, which intrigued her. Since then, there has been no looking back for her.  She was keen on pursuing this dance form to the fullest, and was fortunate enough to have found a  world renowned Bharatanatyam exponent and a great Guru that trained and guided her.  With years of dedication and vigorous training, she achieved her Junior, Senior Pre-Vidhwat and Post Vidhwat degrees with distinctions and first class from the Education Board of Karnataka, India giving her the honorary title of "Vidushi".


Based in NJ, Sonal has contributed greatly to the Indian community by performing, choreographing and presenting dance programs for numerous cultural events all over USA. She has worked at a dance academy for over 10 years as an active dancer as well as an instructor teaching Bharatanatyam, and Bollywood styles of dance.

Sonal has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Rutgers University. Sonal has worked as an IT Professional for 12 years, but her true love for dance never diminished and her love for Art and culture has encouraged her to start a new venture Khushi Dance Academy.


Sonal's primary goal at Khushi Dance Academy is to providing practical and theoretical training of Bharatanatyam, which is one of the most ancient dance forms of India.   Sonal is dedicated to provide meticulous training to youngsters with a vision to impart the rich culture and heritage that are an integral part of this supreme art form.

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