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Sonal Jhaveri


Namaskar and Welcome to Khushi Dance Academy!


Art of any type especially Bharatanatyam, if learnt and practiced in the right manner imparts immense joy and helps one gain control over mind, body and soul. 


Vidushi Sonal Jhaveri feels honored to be a disciple of Padmashree Vasundara Doraswamy, who is danseuse par excellence and a venerated guru of Bharatanatyam from the heavenly city of Mysore, India; under whom she's been trainning since 14 years.  Sonal has completed her Bharatanatyam post-Vidhwat degree from Karnataka, India, and has also had basic vocal trainning in Hindustani and Carnatic music. Through years of experience in dancing and teaching, Sonal has been able to guide and motivate her students in an effective and comprehensive manner in various forms of dances such as Classical, Folk and Bollywood.  Please visit the Instructor page to learn more.

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