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Locations and Schedules
*Each class duration is 60 minutes.  Classes are once a week.  Fees are paid quarterly.
Group Classes(8 kids or more): 
Quarterly fee:
Jersey City:  $150. ($60 a month)
Semi-Private Classes: (Price may vary for locations outside Jersey City)
5 to 7 kids - Quarterly fee - $210 ($80 a month)
4 kids - Quarterly fee - $270 ($100 a month)
Private one on one classes: Quarterly fee: (Price may vary for locations outside Jersey City)
$750 ($250 a month)
For any additional information or to schedule a class, please contact Sonal:
Phone: 201-204-6006
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Class Guidelines
To ensure our students receive the best learning experience we request that students:
  • Be on time. Sessions will start with a 5-10 min exercise to warm up - especially important during winter months.
  • Wear salwar-kurta for easy mobility while dancing.

  • Tie their hair back when in class.

  • Bring a bag with dance book, water bottle and duppatta.

  • Attend all classes to keep up with rest of the group. 

  • Practice every day for 20-45 minutes, depending on the levels (at least 2.5 to 4 hours cumulative per week, more if they are aiming higher). Audio and Video can be used for independent practice at home. 

  • Write all class notes in the dance book. 

Tests and Certifications

  • Tests will be conducted by the instructor every quarter for both practicals and theory. Certifications will be issued as each of the levels are completed successfully.


Programs and Competitions

  • Students with regular practice that have finished the basic ADAVUS portion of the training will have the opportunity to participate in competitions.

  • We will have recitals annually.

  • Parent volunteers are always welcomed to help organize and manage programs.

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