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Student Testimonials


"Sonal didi was my first teacher to make me truly consider myself a dancer. She had taught me all the skills in Bharatanatyam and Fusion that formed the foundation of my dancing ability today. Just a few of the ways in which she taught me were in making some graceful movements, using facial expressions and having confidence in my performance. Her way of giving her students encouragement in class make her more than just my dance teacher, but also my friend and role model.  Without having had the opportunity to learn from Sonal didi, I can say that I would not have reached the level in my dancing career that I am at today. Through her own passion for dance, Sonal didi installed that same within me. She taught me both how to dance and how to love dance." Saloni Shah,17 years. Paramus,NJ


"When I first moved to New Jersey, I had no dance experience at all and wanted to explore the new art form. My parents enrolled me into dance classes and my first year went well. Unfortunately, after my first year, my teacher had stopped teaching and I was nervous about what would happen next. The next year came by and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue dance anymore, but after the first day I had class with Sonal didi, my opinion about dance completely changed. Every Sunday I looked forward to going to dance and having fun with Sonal didi. She is a patient, kind, caring and loving dance teacher and taught us how to dance with grace and passion. My love for dance grew over the years and I enjoyed dancing more and more each time I went to class. Through vigorous dance practices leading to competitions, Sonal didi would make sure to perfect all her students to be the best we could be and perform to the best of our ability, and it all paid off in the end. Sonal didi was not only a dance teacher to me but more like an older sister. She has made such an impact on my life and even though I do not continue to take dance classes, the lessons she has taught me will go a long way with me in the rest of my independent dancing career. Sonal didi is such a dedicated teacher who will always go the extra mile to teach with patience and care, as well as make the class lively and fun. She is truly the best dance teacher I have had and probably will ever have in my entire life." Ashka Sevak, 17 Years. Paramus,NJ


"Awesome Choreographer!!! I was referred to Sonal by a family friend for our JSOU Community event performance for youngsters aged 19-30 years old. We were a group of 30 people. Sonal was extremely patient with everyone and showed personal interest in every single one of us with the dance moves.  To top it off, she even made our remix as well as helped with costumes.  Our group was very happy to have Sonal as our choreographer." Rinal Shah.  Jersey City,NJ


"We hired Sonal to give dance lessons twice per week to the children enrolled in our summer program. The dances were tailored to our different age groups and were enjoyed by all. The children looked forward to their dance lessons and learned a lot in just a few weeks. Sonal is a very talented and patient teacher. Her dance classes are delivered with the utmost professionalism and are always tons of fun." Fatima Ruiz, Oasis Child Care



Colleague Testimonials

"Sonal and I have danced together for over 15 years. Sonal is not only an amazing dancer, but also a patient, creative and enthusiastic teacher. She genuinely loves to dance and teach and that is clearly displayed in her teaching.  What I admire about her the most is what she is trying to achieve with Khushi Dance Academy. There are hundreds of dance schools and individual instructors who focus on teaching bharatanatyam, but not many of them really teach the principles, meanings, and explain the true definition of Bharatanatyam. I think it is extremely important to explain this to students and to build a foundation before teaching such an intense, intrinsic, and beautiful form of dance. " Jesal Patel, A dancer and teacher. Jersey City,NJ



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