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Semi Classical dance has its origins in Indian classical and folk dance, which when put together, is called Semi-Classical dance form.


The steps and moves of semi-classical dance are not as complex or intricate as pure classical forms. However, the authenticity of the Indian dance form is preserved, and students are able to grasp these lighter semi-classical dances easily.  Semi-classical dances are fun and fluid.


This type of dance breaks the stylized structures and forms of the classical dance, and adopts a more contemporary style.  All along the ethos of the basic dance remains intact.


The Semi-Classical dance form at Khushi Dance Academy will be taught using Bollywood film songs.  For children who are interested in Semi-Classical dance form, the basics of Bharatanatyam will be taught first, as it helps build a stronger foundation as a dancer.  When the student is ready, she will learn the Semi-Classical dances based on Bollywood film songs will be taught.


Semi-Classical dance classes are also offered to adults who will learn choreographed pieces of Bollywood songs which includes Classical and Semi-Classical dance styles.



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