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Dance is the hidden language of the soul.

~Martha Graham

Khushi Dance Academy's mission is to teach students discipline, concentration, focus, positive attitude, unity and above all, awareness to Indian culture through classical dance forms.  The techniques learned through Bharatanatyam are essential in becoming a versatile, graceful, and strong dancer. A key goal for Khushi Dance Academy is to instill in its dancers an enthusiasm and desire to have a positive influence within their community.  We train students for full margam of Bharatanatyam and also make them capable of choreographing on their own.


Khushi Dance Academy is committed to the art of dance.  Whether a student is dancing for fun or planning to enter the arts on a professional level, we are here to guide along the way. Our goal is to allow each dancer to experience the elements of dance; confidence, coordination, creativity, grace, musicality, rhythm, self-esteem, technique, an appreciation for music and dance, and above all fun!  “We Want to Bring Out the dancer in You!”


Khushi Dance Academy aims to provide dance training of the highest quality while keeping tuition costs low, thereby enabling all interested children and adults to learn this ancient dance form.  What sets Khushi Dance Academy apart from other schools is, we follow Bharatanatyam syllabus of the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB). This course will train and test students in both practical and theoretical aspects required for appropriate presentation of the traditional maargam or repertoire of Bharatanatyam. The senior students also learn the art of nattuvangam, and are given opportunities to conduct junior classes under supervision. Training in Karnatic vocal music will also be an essential part of the course.

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