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Sonal at Khushi Dance Academy is blessed to have a Guru who is a Danseuse par excellence, versatile choreographer of repute and a venerated guru of Bharatanatyam, Dr. Vasundhara Doraswamy, who hails from the princely city of Mysore, has turned very much into a phenomenon in the Indian Classical dance scenario over the past three decades and more of her career.  Vasundhara's artistry is the quintessence of the pristine purity of the much sought-after Pandanallur School of which she is the torchbearer.  While her performances are a manifestation of the profound terpsichorean ingenuity marked by impromptu improvisations, esoteric foot-work and bewitching histrionic propensities, her myriad choreographies encompassing a wide spectrum of spiritual and secular themes are striking paradigm of her inventive brilliance.


Vasundhara is one of the pioneer disciples of renowned Shri Pattabhi Jois from Mysore in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and has earned a PhD for her research and thesis on the correlation between Yoga and Bharathanatyam.  It's a small wonder that accolades and encomiums have been showered upon Vasundhara from an early age.  She is the youngest recipient of the 'Karnataka Kala Tilak,' which is the prestigious award from the Karnataka Sangeetha Nrithya Academy.  They continue to chase her even now, as ever.  Even her academic background, which includes a post-graduate degree in Folklore and a doctorate for the thesis 'Bharathanatyam & Yoga', vouch for a strong penchant for interdisciplinary approach.  'Panchali' - a choreography noted for its singular adaptation of Yakshagana music.

She has been the only choreographer in Bharatanatyam who has ventured into a dance production of 'Sama Veda' - the fountain head of Indian Classical music and Bharatanatyam.  Vasundhara has turned a consummate exponent of the martial arts of 'Tang-ta' and 'Kalarippayattu'.  Vasundhara Performing Arts Centre, Mysore of which she is the founding director, is and institution of excellence that continues to groom young talents in Bharatanatyam and Yoga and her disciples are a legion.  Also, the three annual festivals - 'Pallavotsava', 'Natarajotsava' and 'Parangathotsava'- which the institute organizes in the premier city, is a vehement demonstration of her sincere pursuits to encourage the upcoming talents and honor the outstanding artists.  Koota, Triveni, among other places.


Vasundhara Doraswamy is an A-Graded Artist in Doordarshan.  She is a member of audition Committee of Doordarshan Kendra.  She is also a member of Mysore University's Selection Committee for Dance.  She is presently a member of ten members’ expert committee for Bharatanatyam appointed by the culture department, Govt. of India.


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